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Multi-Service Center can help you meet your company's needs through a variety of services:


MSC's Workforce Solutions can work with your employees to make them more productive. Workplace Literacy classes bring English as a Second Language, GED, and/or Adult Basic Education instruction on-site to your employees. In addition to teaching basic literacy skills, Workplace Literacy instructors customize classes to your business and/or industry, and incorporate business specific topics such as workplace safety and industry terminology. MSC works with your business to develop curriculum that is relevant to your workplace needs. MSC's Employee Development seminars offer management and leadership development in areas including: Recognizing and Rewarding Employees on a Tight Budget, Team Building, Working Effectively with an Intergenerational Team, Understanding and Leading the "New" Entry Level Workforce, and Advanced Leadership Skills for Managers. Seminars are engaging, entertaining, and informative, and can be customized for the employer.


Through our work with job seekers, we can help you to access a pool of job candidates in a wide variety of industries at no cost to you. All candidates are pre-screened using a comprehensive assessment process which includes a criminal background check and the Employment Readiness Assessment, an assessment which has been scientifically validated to show with 80% accuracy whether or not the candidate is ready to go to work. In addition, MSC can provide you with adult and youth interns. These interns are paid and are placed on MSC's payroll so that there is no liability to the employer. In addition, MSC provides the business and the job candidate/intern with a great deal of support in order to ensure that a win-win situation is created for all parties involved.


MSC can help your business with retention issues by providing one-on-one consultation and/or support to employees to minimize costly turnover. MSC will also assist eligible employees in accessing resources and support services for which they may be eligible such as transportation vouchers, work clothing and equipment, housing, food, and other needed services. MSC can help your company develop an effective succession plan and strategies for ongoing growth and development of high quality employees.

Satisfied Workplace Solutions Customers

  • Terra Dynamics
  • Crystal Springs Water
  • Life Care Centers of America, Federal Way
  • Orion Industries
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • Fed Ex Auburn

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Multi-Service Center is a partner with WorkSource Seattle King County. Through this partnership, you may post a job, recruit qualified candidates and hire with WorkSource Business Services.